About Us

NMC Migration Services believes in assisting eligible immigrants who are seeking to earn their livelihood and are interested in settling in Australia.

At NMC Migration Services we understand that obtaining your visa or work permit is only part of the process.  Living and working in a new country is always a big undertaking and if you are moving to Australia permanently, then selecting your Registered Migration Agent will be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

At NMC Migration Services we believe that the best way to provide the right solution for our clients is to fully understand their needs and goals.  As part of our process we take the time to conduct an analysis of your situation in order to provide you with a solution regarding the best visa application.

We also specialise in helping our clients to reduce certain complications encountered during the application process and migration procedure.

At NMC Migration Services our attention to all applications and knowledge of up-to-date laws, put our clients in the best position.

The Principal Migration Consultant is Mr. Nick Comninacis (MARN 1465781).  He believes in personally assisting all clients to obtain the correct advice regarding their visa issues.

After a rigorous study, Mr Comninacis completed the Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Nick is also a member of the Migration Alliance and the Migration Institute of Australia.



As an organisation, NMC Migration Services (through our Principal Migration Consultant Mr. Nick Comninacis) is fully accredited by the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) to offer immigration services.

NMC Migration Services can:

  • Guide you through the different visa options with a complete regard to your current circumstances.
  • Educate you about the most suitable visa that you are eligible for and inform you about different visa conditions that will possibly be imposed on your visa and how you can comply with it.
  • Answer your queries with clear reference to the Migration legislation.
  • Help you streamline your visa processing in order to maximise efficiency.



We are committed to delivering a high quality service based on Professionalism, Integrity, and always keeping your interests at the top of our mind.

We will deliver an efficient service focusing on visa processes and documentations required, obligations and advise you of any changes to the Migration Policy.

Honesty and Transparency are our key ideals in dealing with you regarding your visa process.

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